Monday, October 26, 2009

Dedication vs. Insanity!!

The other morning/night really, (3:00 a.m.) I awakened with a start. Where had this particular girl in my class been? She had been absent for the last four days and I was starting to worry and wonder what was going on. I know her home life. She has shared with me with me some of the not so great things that go on at home. My aunt was arrested last night for being drunk and spanking her daughter was one of her current tidbits. So, there I lay, 3:00 a.m. and I am making a mental note to call as soon as I get to school and find out what is going on. As I was racing to school the next morning I was pondering what other job there is that seems to be twenty-four seven. Teachers are never off. They cart things home after school, they do lesson plans for hours if they are going to be gone, they buy things at stores on the weekends for that great science lesson that needs supplies the school does not provide, they browse the internet for any other creative teacher who had an insight they want to share (this insight probably took place on their own hours after they left school), they talk about it at lunch, they dream about it at night, really teaching is a job that requires mental and physical abilities that force a teacher to head for the nearest couch on Friday and never want to leave it all weekend!! Instead on weekends when we need the rest, we are driving to the local teacher supply store for more ways to spruce up a social studies lesson. Being a dedicated teacher means that the mind never stops and the concern never ends. The other day I couldn't put my mind at ease when a shy little boy let me know it was his birthday and he wasn't having a birthday party, had never had a birthday party and didn't know if he was even going to have a cake when he got home. There I was at lunch looking for cupcakes and candles at the local grocery store. An eight year old deserves fan fare for the day they are born I was muttering to myself. Insanity, yes! Running at a speed most cheetahs would challenge, yes! Teachers are a rare breed of individuals. So, when I wake up in the middle of the night with a thought or concern, I know I am in the right profession. I am a teacher. If that means I am insane, them I am proud to be labled that and move on.

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  1. This is totally true! I only wish teachers could get paid hourly. We would be living the life of luxury for all the extra hours we put in. Hats off to all the teachers who go that extra mile and hour!


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